Sydney Hirsch. Michigander-turned-Brooklynite. 29. My favorite things are TV shows (30 Rock, Tim & Eric, American Justice with Bill Kurtis), old houses with nooks and crannies, Ariana Grande songs, brightly-colored retro kitsch, children’s book illustrations from the ‘70s Angelfire websites, excavating my life for embarrassing moments, psychedelia, and true scary stories.

     I hold a Bachelors Degree (2015) from the University of Michigan in Screen Arts and Cultures, a major that incorporates elements of filmmaking, screenwriting, and theory. 
I consider myself multidisciplinary, which is a hifalutin way of admitting I have ADHD. That’s okay, look at all this cool stuff I can do:

I’ve been a motion graphics artist, working on TV spots for brands such as Peloton, Clinique, Ray-Ban - and, yes, Buffalo Wild Wings - since 2019. I’ve studied acting and have starred in several shorts and videos. I’m always down to submit a self-tape.

In my personal photography, illustration, and prose fiction projects, I like to explore a sense of quiet vulnerability and invoke a vague, shared nostalgia. In turn, they’re the most intimate pieces I’ve created.

I also like to write non-fiction about interior design trends for Architectural Digest. I’ve actually written a whole series of articles on this subject for them, so I guess I can finally stop calling myself a “dilletante.”

I post pithy jokes and passing thoughts on my Twitter account, which for some reason people seem to enjoy.  Other than that, I spend most of my free time illustrating commissions, hanging out with my cat, Buzz, or munching on a Payday bar.

Feel free to e-mail me if you think there’s anything I missed.