Sydney Hirsch. Michigander-turned-Brooklynite. 29. My favorite things are TV shows (30 Rock, Tim & Eric, American Justice with Bill Kurtis), old houses with nooks and crannies, Ariana Grande songs, brightly-colored retro kitsch, children’s book illustrations from the ‘70s, Angelfire websites, excavating my life for embarrassing moments, psychedelia, and true scary stories.

     I hold a Bachelors Degree (2015) from the University of Michigan in Screen Arts and Cultures, a major that incorporates elements of filmmaking, screenwriting, and theory. 
    I consider myself multidisciplinary, which is a hifalutin way of admitting I have ADHD. That’s okay, look at all this cool stuff I can do:

    Since 2019, I’ve been a motion graphics artist, working on TV spots for brands such as Peloton, Clinique, Macy’s - and, yes, Buffalo Wild Wings. You’ve probably seen my work on TV, the internet, or the VMAs. I’ve studied acting and have starred in several shorts and videos. I’m always down to submit a self-tape.

I love depicting those quiet in-between moments, whether it’s in my photography, illustration, or fiction writing.

I also like to write non-fiction about interior design trends for Architectural Digest. I’ve actually written a whole series of articles on this subject for them, so I guess I can finally stop calling myself a “dilletante.”

I post pithy jokes and passing thoughts on my Twitter account, which for some reason people seem to enjoy.  Other than that, I spend most of my free time illustrating commissions, hanging out with my cat, Buzz, or munching on a Payday bar.

Feel free to e-mail me if you think there’s anything I missed.